161MC Professional Development

Since starting university it has really opened my eyes into how I need to develop myself to become successful. It isn’t just about creating good films and hoping for them to get noticed. To actually get anything you make noticed you need to gain an audience and people need to know about you. Things will never come to you in the media industry when starting out, you have to go and find opportunities and grasp them with both hands.

For the first part of 161MC we had to brand ourselves and create a logo. I hadn’t ever really thought about this before and never really knew how to brand myself. After some thinking I came up with the name “Impact Films”, cheesy and over-used maybe, however I thought it gave a bold statement into what I actually wish to make, which is films that make an impact. Once I had my brand I set out on the technical side of branding, creating the logo. LogoHaving had a couple of years experience in Photoshop and After Effects I knew exactly what I wanted to create and how I wanted to create it. I wanted to make something that looks professional and something you could see at the start of a movie or on a movie’s website. I feel that the logo I created represented this well and I turned the Logo into an ident for any videos I make in the future so that people know it is my work. https://vimeo.com/66611033

Since creating my logo and ident I have used them in everything I’ve created, giving myself more of a professional identity. The reason behind this is because even if you create a great film but do not look professional whilst doing so, 9 times out of 10 people will look straight past you. Now, the more forms of media I create whether it be a short film to a promotional video, it will always show my brand giving it a larger demographic.Screen Shot 2013-05-21 at 03.20.07 I also recently directed a TV show called NET TV – Do You Believe? in which we got an expert in from the U.K UFO Research society who has been on television 25 times. So I knew when I met him that I had to act professional, like I would on a real TV set and tell him exactly what I wanted and exactly what was going on so he felt comfortable. This gave me great experience into my development as I had never done that properly before and it has given me an opportunity to experience that first hand.

Giving myself a professional identification will not only make me look more professional to the world but it will also give me an edge on somebody who may appear inexperienced or unproffessional. It will give me a larger demographic and has given me a branding and identity that is unique and eye-catching to me.


Draft script as of 7/05/13




Hello, I’m Ross Ogleby and this is ‘NET TV’, the fantasy

show that answers the question on all our minds – ‘Do you

Believe?’. I’m joined today by my usual co-host and lover of

all things supernatural, Delavi.


Thanks Ross, it’s great to be back in the studio again. We’ve

Discussed some great topics these past few weeks, but none more

Controversial then today’s debate.


That’s right Delavi, today we will be discussing one of science’s greatest

enigma’s, the U.F.O. Are they real? A Government conspiracy?

Let’s take a look at one in action, witnessed in Jerusalem.




That clip was our first nomination for ‘viral video of the week’, which you

at home will have the chance to vote on later in the show. Some say this might

be a viral advert Delavi, any thoughts?


Well it does look pretty convincing Ross. How many views has this one had?


Just over three hundred thousand. And it’s had 720 likes, so it’s already a popular

Choice among UFO spotters.


Well that’s 720 people who believe. But what do you think?


Yes,  its down to you at home to vote for your favourite video  on our facebook poll.

We love to hear your thoughts on

anything we chat about, so tweet us

@nettv, or follow our facebook page.

To join the debate, remember to use the hashtag

#doyoubelieve? Right,

let’s have a look what we have in

store today.


Coming up on todays show…

We look at the controversial U.F.O documentary

that has divided opinions across America.


And we’re joined in the studio by a local

U.F.O expert as he shares his thoughts and opinions

On the debate.


But first, we join our NET TV street crew, as they

venture into the streets of

Coventry to find out what you think

about UFO’s.




And we’re joined now by local UFO expert (?), some interesting reactions there.

Did you expect such a unanimous



Yes I did, I’ve worked with U.F.O sightings

For many years now, and its always the same.

People are scared of the unknown,

and so just try and wipe it from their



So why do you think people are so

against the idea of UFO’s?


Like I said, it’s the unknown. Unless you can

Actually see something, people won’t believe.

I’ve worked with people who have been metres from

Ufo sightings, and still can’t comprehend it.


So with all these viral videos about,

surely everyone has seen U.F.O’s?


Well Delavi, there were a few people in the clip

Who claim to have witnessed U.F.O sightings,

so maybe the influence of the internet has blurred their

perceptions of reality.


Thanks (expert), some really interesting thoughts. And if you have anything to

Add to what (expert) has discussed, make sure you get in touch on facebook or

using our hastag #doyoubelieve?

MENU 2 :


Still to come on today’s show…

We join Reynold Maunze as he reviews the latest UFO documentary

Hitting the big screen…


We take a look at some more sightings from all over the world…


And we end today’s show with an exciting live performance from (?)


But first, we asked viewers

to vote on their most realistic UFO viral clip. We’ve seen our first

nomination, already gathering responses from all over the world. Now it’s time for nomination number two from Colorado.


This viral UFO sighting has already caused excitement across the UFO community. Its definitely a contender in our poll, so as always, we want to know if

you believe what you see on the show, so make sure you get

in touch.

CUT TO VT 3 : YouTube


CUT TO VT 3 : YouTube



Another great clip, its going to be a close one. Colarado or Jerusalem? Both realistic.

Both popular choices. Make sure you get onto facebook and vote because you only have a few minutes left to decide.


That’s right, we will be revealing the results very shortly. Have you ever had a supernatural experience Delavi?


I’ve never believed that aliens existed but one day, I saw what I thought was a UFO. It was like something from a film, flashing lights and a huge shadow looming in the sky. It was really scary.


Now we have a very special treat for you here at NET TV. We’ve sent our regular reviewer Rey to take a look at the latest in documentary film.



And he’s here with us now.

So Rey, would you class yourself as an extra-terrestrial

believer or a space alien skeptic?


It’s a hard one. There’s scientific proof that there could be something

Else out there, but I think it’s also so uncertain as we haven’t

Actually had full on alien contact, neither has the government released any official information. Have aliens visited us thousands of years ago or randomly in our sleep? It’s amazing to think that these things could be going on right in front of our eyes.


Your right Rey, and it seems you

are not the only one. We have had some very intriguing

feedback so far on twitter and facebook.

Geoff from Burnley contacted us on

facebook saying that the government

control our knowledge of the

supernatural to keep us from a

global panic.


We’ve also had some twitter action on our page. @scienceman says ‘This show is my life. I love NET TV



And, @joe88 also tweeted us saying ‘that UFO’s don’t exist. People see what they want to believe’.


But now it’s the moment you’ve all been

waiting for. It’s time to announce the results of todays ‘viral

Video of the week!’


It’s a close one, very close in fact. Winning the title

This week is….

(Runner bring on envelope)


The Colarado clip! Thankyou for everyone who voted.



And on that note it appears

that’s all from us here at NET TV.

Thank you for watching. We hope you

have enjoyed the show.


Playing us out tonight are ….

Join us next time, when we look at

ghost sightings with our very

special guest Derek Acura.

Goodnight. And remember…


Do you



NET TV – Week Five

This was our assessment week. On friday everyone now started to realise that show was looking professional and visually pleasing which was one of my aims for directing this project. On the monday I wanted us to have one last dress rehearsal with the performers in so that tuesday we could be prepared and so they would also know what was going on and when to move. Over the past week or so we have really started to look professional and looked like a team that has been together for a long time. The set looks brilliant, the lighting looks great, the sound levels are perfect and timings have now been completely sorted. I have also completed my full Camera script with the performers there and also decided that I would like the lights to dim on the performer and have 2 spotlights on him making it look a little darker. I felt this gave it great atmosphere and this was the lighting we went along with for the last show. We watched the run throughs back and everyone was very very pleased with what we have made and everyone was now feeling calm and collective and could see for themselves what we have put together.


On the day of the Live show I asked everybody to come in half an hour early and thankfully to everybody in my group, they all did so we were prepared fully to go into the studio at exactly 11 o’clock in the morning. The expert also got there for around 10.35 so for 25 minutes or so being the director I looked after him and tried to make him feel as comfortable as possible. I told him the running order and exactly what I wanted from him and the questions that he was going to be asked so he was prepared. He also brought along some of his work which I was very happy with as we could use them for the websites. He had been on television 25 times so I knew I had to look professional and treat him as if I was an actual Director on a real life show. He was pleased and excited about the show and we had a few good chats on the way!


Now for the serious bit, the assessment. I initially wanted to be ready for action within 15 minutes of going in there and considering before that day our quickest time was 25 minutes people thought I was being a little optimistic however I knew we could do it. We went in at 11.00 and to everybody’s amazement we were finished at exactly 11.13. The only issue we had was a technical issue regarding presenters microphones which wasn’t our fault. We had to get a technician in to change the microphones and the frequencies as someone had played around with them earlier. After the technician sorted it out we were finished at around 11.35 and ready for action. we only had an hour and ten minutes left as we needed 15 minutes to pack up at the end too and initially I wanted at least 4 good takes. In that time we managed to get 5 takes in, so we waisted absolutely no time at all between takes. I feel this day went superbly and was very pleased with the outcome of our show. Overall I think I did very well in my role and with the outcome of what I in essence created. I think the vision that I initially had and the outcome of it now is to a high standard and feel along the way I was involved in every single aspect of the show, exactly what I director should do. Below is our finished show.

NET TV – Week Four

This was the week before our final assessment. I feel this last week went very well and was a huge improvement on the last. My job over this week was to make sure all the hard work we had put in looked on screen like it was paying off. In this week we did a full run through in which I asked Laura to be the UFO expert for the time being as he could only make it on the day of the live show. The script and timings were still changing slightly however the most part of it was staying the same giving us all a chance to get used to it and work on the last tiny things that needed to be done. In this last week I completed my own script with all the camera movements on, yes, this may seem like cheating however the end result will only look professional and well rehearsed as I did not want any slight hiccups on the last day regarding cameras and the presenters looking into the wrong cameras.

In this week we were in on the tuesday, thursday and the friday so we had a lot of practising during this week. By friday our TV show was finished. My aim was for Friday’s takes to be more or less perfect so that on monday for our dress rehearsal with the band we can look professional and get on with it and get as many takes as possible in without having to change anything last minute. I feel this was my best week so far along with the first week as I feel I led the group well and put stability into the group whilst the nerves started to kick in amongst people. I knew that everything was going to be perfectly fine whilst others may have questioned it slightly. In this week me and Laura also decided to change the titles as they did not fit in very well with the theme of the show. Having asked the group who would like to do them me and Laura came up with the conclusion that we would do them and below is the finished result of both.

My coming up sequence –

Laura’s title sequence –

Laura’s ending credits –

NET TV – Week Three

During the third week of production this was when everything was starting to fall into place. Bryony (set design) and Laura (Producer) went out and bought everything for the set which I was very pleased with. We completed the internet VT’s properly and I tried to get some timings sorted with Natasha and Sherrie so that we can start running through the show properly. I also started working on camera angles and which cameras to cut to, however as the script was constantly changing still and being perfected it was hard to work out cameras and timings as they may change or the presenter who is talking may change. Over this week it was more about bringing everything that we had together and working out if we had any problems or needed to change anything. The script was getting better and everybody was starting to work as a team. On the Thursday me and Laura decided to cancel the TV show because we had numerous people say they could not turn up and we simply didn’t have enough people to fill in the roles. We still had a 3 and a half hour session on the friday so we tried to catch up on everything we missed then but once again it was difficult as we were still getting everything together.


Over this week the VT team also set out to film our last VT – Rey’s Film Review. They initially wanted to do it on a weekday however Rey didn’t turn up again. They waited a couple of hours for him with no end result so they had to then try again on the weekend which both me and Laura made sure he would be there. Once again, I was very pleased with the end result of the VT they made however felt that Rey’s dialogue seemed slightly forced and unrehearsed. Below is the finished VT.

NET TV – Week Two

During easter I wanted to keep everything informed of what to do and get everybody thinking about the show so I posted a plan of action on our facebook page so that hopefully by the time we come back we have the majority of it finished. This is what I posted.

Right so basically over Easter to give us a head start next term and not have to worry and rush stuff there are a couple of things that we could be doing. These are:-

1. Design a webpage for your NET TV programme using a free website builder like Wix.com. Look at magazine programme websites for inspiration. —- I’ve set up a wix webpage so if you want to do this then let me know and I’ll give you the email and pass details.

TV Show Property Website
Using Wix.com you must develop a website. This site should have a minimum of 3 pages – all linked using generic navigation and consistent design. The design of your web site must reflect the brand of the TV show you have made. Think of the website as a way of delivering your TV show but also as a way of offering extra content (e.g. presenter profiles, outtakes, extra features/images, ‘on set’ galleries etc.). You should consider your site and its potential to deliver a range of media artifacts in an impactful way. The graphic design of the site should reflect the content and themes of your TV show.

Pages must include:
Home page
Page with embedded videos/audio from the LIVE impact sessions
Extra content page(s) (galleries, presenter profiles, outtakes)
Contact/social media page
The site must:

Have a consistent graphic design
Include external links to your WordPress blog
Include embedded videos (x2) using footage generated from the LIVE impact sessions
Include audio – where relevant – from the LIVE impact sessions. (Audio could be extra interviews or outtakes from rehearsals for example)
Include any still images/galleries that might augment user engagement
Link to your social media presence in some way – either your TV group Facebook or your personal Twitter or both.

2. Graphics for both the website and the TV programme. It would be a massive head start if we can get some graphics done such as banners and logo’s for the website, facebook and twitter pages. —- Anyone with any photoshop skills/Website skills can give this a go.

3. Television IDENT (Intro for the start of the show). If anybody has any experience in After effects or cinema4d or anything like that and wants to have a go at making an intro then it would be a big help as this can be quite time consuming.

4. Find an audience for your programme NOW. Use your Facebook/ Twitter contacts to get feedback on your ideas. —- This is self-explanatory. Our audience obviously isn’t going to be little kids or anything like that but maybe we should define it down a little bit to a specific group?

5. Set up a “vote for” item to decide to the outcome of a studio item —- Not 100% sure what this means? If anybody has any idea let me know.

6. Record Skype interviews with YouTube “celebs” —- VT Team/Runners, as there are quite a few of you it may be good to do this to say you did something else as well.

-You have considered the lecture material. And are thinking about studio programmes (any – we’re not fussy!)
-You have re read the lectures. Watch/read the links.
-You have read around the subject/s using reliable and trustworthy sources to inform your knowledge

As far as the blogs go. Individually we are supposed to do a week-by-week development ourselves on our TV show. We are also supposed to do 4 blog posts on our TV show but you do not need to worry about them yet as they’re being explained in our next lecture.

^^^^ This is individual. This will basically reflect your grade.

8. VT’s.—- If the VT team could start researching into different UFO sightings on YouTube and what ones would be best to use for the show it would be great and would be one less thing to worry about when next term comes. —- For info on the VT’s just comment on this page and we will get back to you.

9. SCRIPT. —- If the script researchers and writers want to start thinking about the script it would be a huge advantage to you and us as it will mean it wont be rushed come next term. If we can go straight into the TV studio on the tuesday we are back with a script we will be laughing.

10. SET DESIGN —- If the Set designer would like to start thinking about what we should do for the set and maybe start getting some ideas and suggestion from our group it will be helpful. Talk to Laura about the budget and everything else so you know what you’re working with.

Giving this plan of action was of great benefit to us as once we came back from the holidays we already had some sort of set design completed, a draft script and also the internet VT’s completed and ready to go. We also had some graphics that John made us for the title sequence, credits and coming up sequence.

In the second week of NET TV we had just came back from the easter break so I made sure we had a draft of the script and started working on all of the VT’s to make sure we had a head start and could get some proper practises in sooner rather than later. The VT team then went out onto the streets of Coventry to find out what the publics perception is on UFO’s and ask some questions regarding whether they believe in them or not. Originally I wanted one of the presenters, Rey, to be in the VT on the street as I felt having 3 presenters in the studio would be a bit much so I wanted him to interview members of the public, however he did not turn up. This meant that Laura had to ask the questions to the public instead of Rey.

Overall I was very pleased with the result of the filming that day and what the VT team and Sarah edited together. I feel it was both informative and humorous at the same time sticking to the theme of the TV show exactly but also making the audience Laugh a little without being disrespectful to anybody who believes. During the practise sessions this week it was a little jumbled as not everything was finished. So I said that we should just trying to practise in our roles as much as possible so that everybody felt comfortable with what they were doing whilst getting everything sorted for the show out of production times.

NET TV – Week One

In our first week of NET TV we got to have a go and try out various different job roles. From the word go I knew that I would most likely like to be Director so straight away I hopped into the seat, selfish of me maybe but the opportunity was there. After the first go of being director for a short 2 minute show I knew I liked it however stepped back and watched other people to see how they did in the role too. We then had to go for our job roles and luckily, not many people wanted to be director after trying it out and seeing how much pressure you have on the job. Funnily enough, the first job we had to pitch for was Director and I was the first one who had to pitch to the class. Me being me, I’m not the most confident speaker in front of people (yet) when I have to improvise. So I gave a short pitch on how I think I am a good leader and have the technical qualities to surpass in the job and the majority of the class voted me in. As soon as I found out I was ecstatic as it wasn’t the fact I just received the job off a tutor, the class actually voted me in and wanted me to be their director.


Straight away I wanted to implement my authority on the group and get everyone going and think of an idea. Straight after the workshop of finding out about the roles I decided to get a group of us, me, the producer, the script writers, the presenters and 1 other enthusiastic member together to think of ideas regarding what we could do. After some discussion on ideas to do with vampires and other fantasy creatures I came up with the idea of aliens and whether they were real or not. Straight away everybody liked the idea as straight away we knew we had a good subject to use audience interaction with along with knowing we could get various VT’s off the internet and knew what we would like for the other VT’s. I then put a brief document outlining what we came up with for the rest of the class which you can see below.


NET TV – Do you believe?
Are UFO’s real?

The Show will discuss intriguing and “Real” topics each week. This week it will be on whether UFO’s are real or not.

2 Internet VT’s – Sighting of UFO’s
• Jerusalem Sightings (Could be real) – For the self-made VT’s show the interviewee’s the sightings
• Other Sightings (Fake)

2 Self-made VT’s –
• Interviewing people in the street on whether they think UFO’s are real or not (A presenter – Rey).
• Interview with a person who witnessed a UFO landing in his/her property (A presenter – Rey).

In show Interviewee – Expert on UFO’s/Seen a UFO and Rey will come back into the studio for this discussion.

Performance – Music/Dance/Chemical experiment – STILL UNDECIDED.

Evidence of audience participation – Tweeting, Texting etc. – Debate/Vote

161MC Reflection

As a whole I have thoroughly enjoyed working on this module. Before now I have never done anything related to TV studio work before so it was a new experience for me. As soon as I found out about doing a TV studio module working on the actual roles I knew I would love to go for the Director role. From the start I knew that it would be a challenging role but I felt up to it and felt like I had the leadership qualities and technical qualities to make the show run smoothly. I wanted us to get as much practice as possible so since the easter holidays we have had 3 TV studio sessions a week, so by the time our Live show came around we knew exactly what to do and wouldn’t feel as much pressure.

I believe my input into the show has been extensive and believe I did a better job than I originally expected at running the show. I believe I gave a big input into every aspect of the show. From changing the lighting to give it a darker yet more vibrant feel to the initial idea of the whole show and doing on screen graphics. I feel that on a technical level our show was very sharp and on point. I feel that the set, lighting and camerawork was simple yet effective for the type of show we were producing. I wanted he aim of the show to be informative, interactive and also intriguing to watch. I feel that we successfully fulfilled those aims as a group and believe everybody played an equal part in the making of it.

On the day of the Live show I set out a target for us to have everything ready for broadcasting within 15 minutes and we hit that target. We then had to get the technician in as the presenters microphones were not working properly so this set us back another 15 minutes. We then managed to get 5 takes in within the space of the next hour and 15 minutes. This was with moving the set between takes and making sure everything was running properly. I felt this was very good as we did not waste any time what so ever and it meant we had more takes to choose from. The take we chose was our last take, this was our best one however there was one slight error where the camera did not change to the performer when the lights turned off. So onscreen you saw the lights turn off on the presenters. Other than that one slight hiccup our last take ran smoothly and looked very professional considering it was our first live show that we have ever made. Lastly I would definitely want to direct another TV show. I felt that I enjoyed myself and did a good job and would only improve further next time. Below is the Final result of the TV show NET TV – Do You Believe?

161MC Social Media

Over the past ten years the use of different media forms has drastically changed. With the increasing development of the Internet and interactive technology amongst people it only seems right for business’ and self employed individuals to follow the trend. Nowadays it is very unlikely for something to not be promoted on the Internet.

Society now is always connected to one another. The use of social media is now the most used way of connecting to people in the world and is also the quickest way for society to find out about anything they wish. All it takes is a few clicks and 1.11 billion people per month on Facebook will see your advert or you will be trending on twitter to 200 million active users. It is the best possible way to gain publicity or get you known to the media world.

Having a Facebook or Twitter profile is not only good for gaining an audience; it is also used for many different things. By having a Facebook or Twitter account you’re able to directly connect with your target audience. It is a great way to display exclusive content and get people talking about your type of text. It is also used extensively for market research purposes. Being able to contact your 50,000 followers and make a poll regarding what they like most in a few clicks is incredibly easy and efficient.

In today’s society people are only interested in what’s in the media and online. If it’s not on Facebook people don’t seem to want to know about it. This is why being able to use the Internet efficiently and frequently is an integral part of becoming successful and making it in the media world. Without the use of the Internet and social media, promotion of content is considerably harder and also less efficient. It is with Social networking that videos such as Gangnam style now has 1 billion views and Films such as Marvel Avenger’s and Iron man 3 are some of the most grossing films of all time. Most of the top 10 grossing films have all been made since the introduction of social networking so this shows a significant difference in the way culture and society is today regarding the time they spend using such websites/applications.

Not only do business’ and Professional individuals like to use one social media website. It is more beneficial to them if they use more than one form of social networking. This means they will branch out to a wider target audience and will in essence, gain a larger audience and more attention from the media. As a whole I believe the use of Multi-Platform Promotion and exposure will only get more and more important as technology evolves and culture evolves. I believe it is the easiest and most efficient way to go from nothing to something.


Digital Marketing Ramblings… (2013) (May 2013) How Many People Use the Top Social Media, Apps & Services?. [online] Available at: http://expandedramblings.com/index.php/resource-how-many-people-use-the-top-social-media/ [Accessed: 21 May 2013].