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161MC Reflection

As a whole I have thoroughly enjoyed working on this module. Before now I have never done anything related to TV studio work before so it was a new experience for me. As soon as I found out about doing a TV studio module working on the actual roles I knew I would love to go for the Director role. From the start I knew that it would be a challenging role but I felt up to it and felt like I had the leadership qualities and technical qualities to make the show run smoothly. I wanted us to get as much practice as possible so since the easter holidays we have had 3 TV studio sessions a week, so by the time our Live show came around we knew exactly what to do and wouldn’t feel as much pressure.

I believe my input into the show has been extensive and believe I did a better job than I originally expected at running the show. I believe I gave a big input into every aspect of the show. From changing the lighting to give it a darker yet more vibrant feel to the initial idea of the whole show and doing on screen graphics. I feel that on a technical level our show was very sharp and on point. I feel that the set, lighting and camerawork was simple yet effective for the type of show we were producing. I wanted he aim of the show to be informative, interactive and also intriguing to watch. I feel that we successfully fulfilled those aims as a group and believe everybody played an equal part in the making of it.

On the day of the Live show I set out a target for us to have everything ready for broadcasting within 15 minutes and we hit that target. We then had to get the technician in as the presenters microphones were not working properly so this set us back another 15 minutes. We then managed to get 5 takes in within the space of the next hour and 15 minutes. This was with moving the set between takes and making sure everything was running properly. I felt this was very good as we did not waste any time what so ever and it meant we had more takes to choose from. The take we chose was our last take, this was our best one however there was one slight error where the camera did not change to the performer when the lights turned off. So onscreen you saw the lights turn off on the presenters. Other than that one slight hiccup our last take ran smoothly and looked very professional considering it was our first live show that we have ever made. Lastly I would definitely want to direct another TV show. I felt that I enjoyed myself and did a good job and would only improve further next time. Below is the Final result of the TV show NET TV – Do You Believe?


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