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161MC Professional Development

Since starting university it has really opened my eyes into how I need to develop myself to become successful. It isn’t just about creating good films and hoping for them to get noticed. To actually get anything you make noticed you need to gain an audience and people need to know about you. Things will never come to you in the media industry when starting out, you have to go and find opportunities and grasp them with both hands.

For the first part of 161MC we had to brand ourselves and create a logo. I hadn’t ever really thought about this before and never really knew how to brand myself. After some thinking I came up with the name “Impact Films”, cheesy and over-used maybe, however I thought it gave a bold statement into what I actually wish to make, which is films that make an impact. Once I had my brand I set out on the technical side of branding, creating the logo. LogoHaving had a couple of years experience in Photoshop and After Effects I knew exactly what I wanted to create and how I wanted to create it. I wanted to make something that looks professional and something you could see at the start of a movie or on a movie’s website. I feel that the logo I created represented this well and I turned the Logo into an ident for any videos I make in the future so that people know it is my work.

Since creating my logo and ident I have used them in everything I’ve created, giving myself more of a professional identity. The reason behind this is because even if you create a great film but do not look professional whilst doing so, 9 times out of 10 people will look straight past you. Now, the more forms of media I create whether it be a short film to a promotional video, it will always show my brand giving it a larger demographic.Screen Shot 2013-05-21 at 03.20.07 I also recently directed a TV show called NET TV – Do You Believe? in which we got an expert in from the U.K UFO Research society who has been on television 25 times. So I knew when I met him that I had to act professional, like I would on a real TV set and tell him exactly what I wanted and exactly what was going on so he felt comfortable. This gave me great experience into my development as I had never done that properly before and it has given me an opportunity to experience that first hand.

Giving myself a professional identification will not only make me look more professional to the world but it will also give me an edge on somebody who may appear inexperienced or unproffessional. It will give me a larger demographic and has given me a branding and identity that is unique and eye-catching to me.


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