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NET TV – Week Five

This was our assessment week. On friday everyone now started to realise that show was looking professional and visually pleasing which was one of my aims for directing this project. On the monday I wanted us to have one last dress rehearsal with the performers in so that tuesday we could be prepared and so they would also know what was going on and when to move. Over the past week or so we have really started to look professional and looked like a team that has been together for a long time. The set looks brilliant, the lighting looks great, the sound levels are perfect and timings have now been completely sorted. I have also completed my full Camera script with the performers there and also decided that I would like the lights to dim on the performer and have 2 spotlights on him making it look a little darker. I felt this gave it great atmosphere and this was the lighting we went along with for the last show. We watched the run throughs back and everyone was very very pleased with what we have made and everyone was now feeling calm and collective and could see for themselves what we have put together.


On the day of the Live show I asked everybody to come in half an hour early and thankfully to everybody in my group, they all did so we were prepared fully to go into the studio at exactly 11 o’clock in the morning. The expert also got there for around 10.35 so for 25 minutes or so being the director I looked after him and tried to make him feel as comfortable as possible. I told him the running order and exactly what I wanted from him and the questions that he was going to be asked so he was prepared. He also brought along some of his work which I was very happy with as we could use them for the websites. He had been on television 25 times so I knew I had to look professional and treat him as if I was an actual Director on a real life show. He was pleased and excited about the show and we had a few good chats on the way!


Now for the serious bit, the assessment. I initially wanted to be ready for action within 15 minutes of going in there and considering before that day our quickest time was 25 minutes people thought I was being a little optimistic however I knew we could do it. We went in at 11.00 and to everybody’s amazement we were finished at exactly 11.13. The only issue we had was a technical issue regarding presenters microphones which wasn’t our fault. We had to get a technician in to change the microphones and the frequencies as someone had played around with them earlier. After the technician sorted it out we were finished at around 11.35 and ready for action. we only had an hour and ten minutes left as we needed 15 minutes to pack up at the end too and initially I wanted at least 4 good takes. In that time we managed to get 5 takes in, so we waisted absolutely no time at all between takes. I feel this day went superbly and was very pleased with the outcome of our show. Overall I think I did very well in my role and with the outcome of what I in essence created. I think the vision that I initially had and the outcome of it now is to a high standard and feel along the way I was involved in every single aspect of the show, exactly what I director should do. Below is our finished show.


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