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NET TV – Week Four

This was the week before our final assessment. I feel this last week went very well and was a huge improvement on the last. My job over this week was to make sure all the hard work we had put in looked on screen like it was paying off. In this week we did a full run through in which I asked Laura to be the UFO expert for the time being as he could only make it on the day of the live show. The script and timings were still changing slightly however the most part of it was staying the same giving us all a chance to get used to it and work on the last tiny things that needed to be done. In this last week I completed my own script with all the camera movements on, yes, this may seem like cheating however the end result will only look professional and well rehearsed as I did not want any slight hiccups on the last day regarding cameras and the presenters looking into the wrong cameras.

In this week we were in on the tuesday, thursday and the friday so we had a lot of practising during this week. By friday our TV show was finished. My aim was for Friday’s takes to be more or less perfect so that on monday for our dress rehearsal with the band we can look professional and get on with it and get as many takes as possible in without having to change anything last minute. I feel this was my best week so far along with the first week as I feel I led the group well and put stability into the group whilst the nerves started to kick in amongst people. I knew that everything was going to be perfectly fine whilst others may have questioned it slightly. In this week me and Laura also decided to change the titles as they did not fit in very well with the theme of the show. Having asked the group who would like to do them me and Laura came up with the conclusion that we would do them and below is the finished result of both.

My coming up sequence –

Laura’s title sequence –

Laura’s ending credits –


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