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NET TV – Week Two

During easter I wanted to keep everything informed of what to do and get everybody thinking about the show so I posted a plan of action on our facebook page so that hopefully by the time we come back we have the majority of it finished. This is what I posted.

Right so basically over Easter to give us a head start next term and not have to worry and rush stuff there are a couple of things that we could be doing. These are:-

1. Design a webpage for your NET TV programme using a free website builder like Look at magazine programme websites for inspiration. —- I’ve set up a wix webpage so if you want to do this then let me know and I’ll give you the email and pass details.

TV Show Property Website
Using you must develop a website. This site should have a minimum of 3 pages – all linked using generic navigation and consistent design. The design of your web site must reflect the brand of the TV show you have made. Think of the website as a way of delivering your TV show but also as a way of offering extra content (e.g. presenter profiles, outtakes, extra features/images, ‘on set’ galleries etc.). You should consider your site and its potential to deliver a range of media artifacts in an impactful way. The graphic design of the site should reflect the content and themes of your TV show.

Pages must include:
Home page
Page with embedded videos/audio from the LIVE impact sessions
Extra content page(s) (galleries, presenter profiles, outtakes)
Contact/social media page
The site must:

Have a consistent graphic design
Include external links to your WordPress blog
Include embedded videos (x2) using footage generated from the LIVE impact sessions
Include audio – where relevant – from the LIVE impact sessions. (Audio could be extra interviews or outtakes from rehearsals for example)
Include any still images/galleries that might augment user engagement
Link to your social media presence in some way – either your TV group Facebook or your personal Twitter or both.

2. Graphics for both the website and the TV programme. It would be a massive head start if we can get some graphics done such as banners and logo’s for the website, facebook and twitter pages. —- Anyone with any photoshop skills/Website skills can give this a go.

3. Television IDENT (Intro for the start of the show). If anybody has any experience in After effects or cinema4d or anything like that and wants to have a go at making an intro then it would be a big help as this can be quite time consuming.

4. Find an audience for your programme NOW. Use your Facebook/ Twitter contacts to get feedback on your ideas. —- This is self-explanatory. Our audience obviously isn’t going to be little kids or anything like that but maybe we should define it down a little bit to a specific group?

5. Set up a “vote for” item to decide to the outcome of a studio item —- Not 100% sure what this means? If anybody has any idea let me know.

6. Record Skype interviews with YouTube “celebs” —- VT Team/Runners, as there are quite a few of you it may be good to do this to say you did something else as well.

-You have considered the lecture material. And are thinking about studio programmes (any – we’re not fussy!)
-You have re read the lectures. Watch/read the links.
-You have read around the subject/s using reliable and trustworthy sources to inform your knowledge

As far as the blogs go. Individually we are supposed to do a week-by-week development ourselves on our TV show. We are also supposed to do 4 blog posts on our TV show but you do not need to worry about them yet as they’re being explained in our next lecture.

^^^^ This is individual. This will basically reflect your grade.

8. VT’s.—- If the VT team could start researching into different UFO sightings on YouTube and what ones would be best to use for the show it would be great and would be one less thing to worry about when next term comes. —- For info on the VT’s just comment on this page and we will get back to you.

9. SCRIPT. —- If the script researchers and writers want to start thinking about the script it would be a huge advantage to you and us as it will mean it wont be rushed come next term. If we can go straight into the TV studio on the tuesday we are back with a script we will be laughing.

10. SET DESIGN —- If the Set designer would like to start thinking about what we should do for the set and maybe start getting some ideas and suggestion from our group it will be helpful. Talk to Laura about the budget and everything else so you know what you’re working with.

Giving this plan of action was of great benefit to us as once we came back from the holidays we already had some sort of set design completed, a draft script and also the internet VT’s completed and ready to go. We also had some graphics that John made us for the title sequence, credits and coming up sequence.

In the second week of NET TV we had just came back from the easter break so I made sure we had a draft of the script and started working on all of the VT’s to make sure we had a head start and could get some proper practises in sooner rather than later. The VT team then went out onto the streets of Coventry to find out what the publics perception is on UFO’s and ask some questions regarding whether they believe in them or not. Originally I wanted one of the presenters, Rey, to be in the VT on the street as I felt having 3 presenters in the studio would be a bit much so I wanted him to interview members of the public, however he did not turn up. This meant that Laura had to ask the questions to the public instead of Rey.

Overall I was very pleased with the result of the filming that day and what the VT team and Sarah edited together. I feel it was both informative and humorous at the same time sticking to the theme of the TV show exactly but also making the audience Laugh a little without being disrespectful to anybody who believes. During the practise sessions this week it was a little jumbled as not everything was finished. So I said that we should just trying to practise in our roles as much as possible so that everybody felt comfortable with what they were doing whilst getting everything sorted for the show out of production times.


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