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NET TV – Week One

In our first week of NET TV we got to have a go and try out various different job roles. From the word go I knew that I would most likely like to be Director so straight away I hopped into the seat, selfish of me maybe but the opportunity was there. After the first go of being director for a short 2 minute show I knew I liked it however stepped back and watched other people to see how they did in the role too. We then had to go for our job roles and luckily, not many people wanted to be director after trying it out and seeing how much pressure you have on the job. Funnily enough, the first job we had to pitch for was Director and I was the first one who had to pitch to the class. Me being me, I’m not the most confident speaker in front of people (yet) when I have to improvise. So I gave a short pitch on how I think I am a good leader and have the technical qualities to surpass in the job and the majority of the class voted me in. As soon as I found out I was ecstatic as it wasn’t the fact I just received the job off a tutor, the class actually voted me in and wanted me to be their director.


Straight away I wanted to implement my authority on the group and get everyone going and think of an idea. Straight after the workshop of finding out about the roles I decided to get a group of us, me, the producer, the script writers, the presenters and 1 other enthusiastic member together to think of ideas regarding what we could do. After some discussion on ideas to do with vampires and other fantasy creatures I came up with the idea of aliens and whether they were real or not. Straight away everybody liked the idea as straight away we knew we had a good subject to use audience interaction with along with knowing we could get various VT’s off the internet and knew what we would like for the other VT’s. I then put a brief document outlining what we came up with for the rest of the class which you can see below.


NET TV – Do you believe?
Are UFO’s real?

The Show will discuss intriguing and “Real” topics each week. This week it will be on whether UFO’s are real or not.

2 Internet VT’s – Sighting of UFO’s
• Jerusalem Sightings (Could be real) – For the self-made VT’s show the interviewee’s the sightings
• Other Sightings (Fake)

2 Self-made VT’s –
• Interviewing people in the street on whether they think UFO’s are real or not (A presenter – Rey).
• Interview with a person who witnessed a UFO landing in his/her property (A presenter – Rey).

In show Interviewee – Expert on UFO’s/Seen a UFO and Rey will come back into the studio for this discussion.

Performance – Music/Dance/Chemical experiment – STILL UNDECIDED.

Evidence of audience participation – Tweeting, Texting etc. – Debate/Vote


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