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Over the past ten years the use of different media forms has drastically changed. With the increasing development of the Internet and interactive technology amongst people it only seems right for business’ and self employed individuals to follow the trend. Nowadays it is very unlikely for something to not be promoted on the Internet.

Society now is always connected to one another. The use of social media is now the most used way of connecting to people in the world and is also the quickest way for society to find out about anything they wish. All it takes is a few clicks and 1.11 billion people per month on Facebook will see your advert or you will be trending on twitter to 200 million active users. It is the best possible way to gain publicity or get you known to the media world.

Having a Facebook or Twitter profile is not only good for gaining an audience; it is also used for many different things. By having a Facebook or Twitter account you’re able to directly connect with your target audience. It is a great way to display exclusive content and get people talking about your type of text. It is also used extensively for market research purposes. Being able to contact your 50,000 followers and make a poll regarding what they like most in a few clicks is incredibly easy and efficient.

In today’s society people are only interested in what’s in the media and online. If it’s not on Facebook people don’t seem to want to know about it. This is why being able to use the Internet efficiently and frequently is an integral part of becoming successful and making it in the media world. Without the use of the Internet and social media, promotion of content is considerably harder and also less efficient. It is with Social networking that videos such as Gangnam style now has 1 billion views and Films such as Marvel Avenger’s and Iron man 3 are some of the most grossing films of all time. Most of the top 10 grossing films have all been made since the introduction of social networking so this shows a significant difference in the way culture and society is today regarding the time they spend using such websites/applications.

Not only do business’ and Professional individuals like to use one social media website. It is more beneficial to them if they use more than one form of social networking. This means they will branch out to a wider target audience and will in essence, gain a larger audience and more attention from the media. As a whole I believe the use of Multi-Platform Promotion and exposure will only get more and more important as technology evolves and culture evolves. I believe it is the easiest and most efficient way to go from nothing to something.


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