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NET TV – Week Three

During the third week of production this was when everything was starting to fall into place. Bryony (set design) and Laura (Producer) went out and bought everything for the set which I was very pleased with. We completed the internet VT’s properly and I tried to get some timings sorted with Natasha and Sherrie so that we can start running through the show properly. I also started working on camera angles and which cameras to cut to, however as the script was constantly changing still and being perfected it was hard to work out cameras and timings as they may change or the presenter who is talking may change. Over this week it was more about bringing everything that we had together and working out if we had any problems or needed to change anything. The script was getting better and everybody was starting to work as a team. On the Thursday me and Laura decided to cancel the TV show because we had numerous people say they could not turn up and we simply didn’t have enough people to fill in the roles. We still had a 3 and a half hour session on the friday so we tried to catch up on everything we missed then but once again it was difficult as we were still getting everything together.


Over this week the VT team also set out to film our last VT – Rey’s Film Review. They initially wanted to do it on a weekday however Rey didn’t turn up again. They waited a couple of hours for him with no end result so they had to then try again on the weekend which both me and Laura made sure he would be there. Once again, I was very pleased with the end result of the VT they made however felt that Rey’s dialogue seemed slightly forced and unrehearsed. Below is the finished VT.


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