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161MC Creative Critical Process

Having received the role of Director straight away I wanted to get going and give our group a head start into the production of our programme. After our role allocation we had a workshop and I thought we should all get together and mind map some ideas onto a big piece of paper to get everybody’s input into the show. We decided to book an extra studio session on the thursday after our pitch as I thought it would be a very good idea to do some short shows with everybody in the roles that they got. This meant that it would be good practise for everybody and will give everybody an opportunity to get to grips with the equipment they will be using sooner rather than later.

After our studio session I got a small group of us (Director, Producer, Script researcher/write, Presenter and 2 other members who had some ideas they wished to share) to talk about the actual idea and each aspect of our show. In this discussion I came up with the idea of doing it on whether UFO’s are real or not. Personally I thought this would be great as the audience would be involved considerably as we could have the presenters questioning on whether various sightings were real or fake and we could have a vote on whether the audience thought there was life away from earth. I also felt that this idea would be great for other areas of our show such as our VT’s, our internet VT’s, Set design could look great for a very low cost and also it is a very interesting topic that is still very relevant in the world today. After some discussion we decided to go with my idea and outlined each item of the show roughly so we can expand on it over easter and start on the script. I also came up with the idea of having one of the 3 presenters be in both of the self-made VT’s so that it would not be too crowded in the studio.

This was the brief outline for each item on the show that I came up with.

NET TV – Do you believe?
Are UFO’s real?

The Show will discuss intriguing and “Real” topics each week. This week it will be on whether UFO’s are real or not.

2 Internet VT’s – Sighting of UFO’s
• Jerusalem Sightings (Could be real) – For the self-made VT’s show the interviewee’s the sightings
• Other Sightings (Fake)

2 Self-made VT’s –
• Interviewing people in the street on whether they think UFO’s are real or not (A presenter – Rey).
• Interview with a person who witnessed a UFO landing in his/her property (A presenter – Rey).

In show Interviewee – Expert on UFO’s/Seen a UFO and Rey will come back into the studio for this discussion.

Performance – Music/Dance/Chemical experiment – STILL UNDECIDED.

Evidence of audience participation – Tweeting, Texting etc. – Debate/Vote


Since deciding on our idea I created a Facebook and Twitter page
for our show for audience participation and to spread the word. I also decided on the tone of the lighting especially for the performance and Created graphics that we used in the live show for the coming up sequence. I believe I have played an integral part, as a director should do, in the process of creating the show.


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