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Reflection 4 – P2P Completion

After importing all the footage into premier pro we found ourselves with around 45 minutes worth of sound and 30-35 minutes worth of footage. As a rule of thumb 10 minutes worth of footage is usually around 1 minutes worth on screen so this fit in well with the 3 minute cap of the documentary. We decided to meet up and have a look at the footage together to see what we felt would be more interesting to the viewer and what parts of the interview we could scrap. We came to a conclusion that various parts of it went on for too long and did not have the entertaining factor needed to keep the viewer watching. I came across a few hick-ups during editing, one being some of the sound did not get recorded for some reason so I had to mess about with the levels and take the treble down a little to fit in with the sound from the sound recorder. We also decided to use archived footage of some of the adverts Paul had made so that it can keep the viewer entertained and so they can relate to what Paul was talking about. Overall I think the edit went quite smoothly and I am happy with the outcome.


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