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Reflection 3 – P2P Production

I did not attend the shooting of the production as I was going to be editing. This meant that on the day of filming only Sarah and Lucy ended up going to Sarah’s uncles to shoot the documentary, as Freya could not attend due to personal circumstances. With Sarah and Lucy having to direct, shoot and do the sound recording I feel they did an excellent job. After talking to them about the day they said that Sarah’s cousin, Paul Rizzello, was very happy to help and even gave some good ideas and tips on what shots to do. Overall it took 43 Minutes for them to complete the shooting side of the documentary meaning we had around 30-35 minutes worth of footage that we could look through and pick from when editing. They asked him all kinds of questions, from how he broke into the industry to what kind of work he has done for different clients. They also asked him to tell the positives and negative sides of the industry, which at the time we felt could be very interesting and beneficial to the audience. Overall I am very happy with the shoot and looking forward to editing.


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