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Reflection 2 – P2P Research

The “People to People” project has been quite a hard project to do, as we had to overcome various different problems. One of the problems we had to overcome was that initially we were going to do it on other people but then decided not to do it on them as it was too complex and the research we did into them meant we couldn’t. In the end we decided to do it on Sarah’s cousin who is a Creative Director in a marketing company. We felt that this could be quite visually pleasing to the eye, especially if we could shoot it in the workplace. However, we came across a problem that we could not get permission to shoot in his workplace, as they did not want cameras in there. After getting together and going through our options Sarah thought it would be a good idea to shoot it in a newly converted attic room at her uncles, which looked fairly modern and could be used as an office. In the end we decided we would do the documentary on him because marketing can be quite a hard business. Having a documentary on someone who has made it in that business could be both informative and interesting to the audience.


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