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Logo Semiotic Analysis

Semiotic Analysis – Logo – Ross Forshaw


I chose to brand myself as “Impact Films”. I chose this name for various different reasons. The two main definitions of the word “Impact” are: “The action of one object coming forcibly into contact with another” and “a marked effect or influence”. These definitions both influenced my choice of using the word “Impact” and also the look of the Logo. The word Impact originally derived from the Latin word “impingō” which means “To thrust/strike against”. As I wish to be in the world of film and preferably become a director these definitions seemed good, as I want to make films that have an impact on the audience watching them. I also love sci-fi films so it gave me another reason to use the word “Impact” as the word impact relates somewhat to sci-fi. I used the second word “Films” because I want to keep this logo specific to film. For any other sources of media I could change the word “Films” to a different word such as “Media”, “Productions”, “Photography” or even “Music”.

From first looking upon the logo the main parts that stick out are the words and the planet. The planet is red and somewhat looks like it has died which is evoking a sense of fear and the unknown. There are also the Nebulae that the camera/shot seems to be passing through that surround the planet and text. This gives a feeling that an impact is about to occur which ties in with the name of the brand again and also again a sense of the unknown.

With recent speculation of the world ending in 2012 and also the meteorites that hit Russia society can relate to the logo. The meaning of sci-fi is becoming clearer and clearer as time goes on. With scientists always finding out about new solar systems and planets that could potentially be updated, there is always something in the news.

The look of the logo is supposed to grab the audiences the attention and inform the audience of who the brand/company is and what they do, all inside an image. This is why I wanted to create something quite bright and something that will overpower other things that could potentially capture the audience’s attention more and take the limelight off the logo. Once you have the audiences attention with something that is when they then see the meaning behind what they’re looking at and also what it is they’re actually looking at. So with this logo that is when they then see that it is a production company that could specialize in sci-fi films.

As I am wanting to go into Directing or Cinematography I thought that I should give the Logo an “epic” feel too it to display the kind of shot you could make when creating a film of its kind. I also wanted it proportioned right so that the writing, nebulae and the planet would be exactly in the center of the image to focus the audience’s eyes on everything at once. I didn’t want the text to be on one side and planet on the other along with the nebulae to be somewhere else, as when viewing a logo you rarely look at it longer than a second of two. This means that they can look at the logo once and get everything that the logo is trying to sell across to them quickly.

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