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Ashley ‘Ash’ Hinton Process/Development

As part of our 160mc module we had to create a character from scratch and do character development in a group with classmates. It wasn’t as straight forward as it seemed though, as we also had to implement our cabinet of curiosities into the development of the character. Which in other words means put lots of items that we have collected to do with our hobbies together and work out what we could use for the character we were developing.

This was the backstory we came up with:-

  • Before Feb 2011, Ash was a very normal teenage girl. She loved her family, friends and boyfriend, though her father was the most important person in her life. He was her hero and best friend.
  • She was an A* student, she enjoyed the normal things in life; like partying, shopping, musicals, ballet, playing instruments and so on.
  • Used to regularly go out on walks with her father and their family dog, Duke.
  • She was a very popular girl at the age of 18, and was looking to go to university to do Performing Arts.
  • Feb 2011 came, and an unfortunate event happened to the whole family. A house fire broke out at 22:03 on the 11th. This led to the death of her father. Everyone else made it out.
  • Since the fire in Feb 2011, Ashley hasn’t been herself. She’d lost all interest in the things she loved the most. She started to fail at school, her grades started falling from A*’s to D’s and E’s.
  • Ashley found herself hating her own family apart from her younger brother (aged 10).
  • Her mother found a new partner who Ashley absolutely hated. He didn’t want much to do with her because she was ‘crazy’.
  • Her boyfriend struggled with supporting and looking after Ashley. Eventually, he ended the relationship with her. They were together for 3 years.
  • Ashley never got any better, she started getting worse, that she was referred to a mental hospital.
  • Her family visited her every weekend until one day she went insane and she didn’t want any of them to see her anymore.
  • She now claims that she has no family.

After getting together and looking at each others cabinets we soon found out that alot of the items we all had were things such as train tickets and gig tickets. We then found out that we had obscure items that not everybody would have such as Ballet shoes, toys and football match tickets. Me being a guy didn’t really have items such as letters from loved ones and mine were mostly train tickets and gig tickets so we thought that using items such as ballet shoes and toys would be a good idea as they are collected over a long period of time. We then decided it would be a really good idea to mind map our thoughts on what the Character should look like and the personality of the character.

From the word go we wanted to do something a little different. We wanted the character to have some sort of mental illness that we could base her background on. We originally wanted to have her Bipolar as we all found it quite an interesting illness. However we later changed it to an illness we came across called Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD). We chose this illness as we wanted the character have outbreaks of violence towards people. Other common symptoms of BPD were Mood swings and Detachment from relationships. This fit in very well with the backstory that we had originally planned as she now doesn’t have a family and her boyfriend split up with her when she went into the mental hospital.

Interview with Ashley Hinton:-

Last sighting of Ashley Hinton:-


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