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Researching into Editing

One of many aspects of film production I love is editing. Coming onto this course I had a beginners view on editing. I knew how to use Adobe Premier Pro quite well and knew how to use Adobe After Effects to a certain degree, however I didn’t really know the concepts of editing and how much it can improve your film by having a good editor. Having been on this course for nearly 2 months now I have came to realize that Editing could make or break a film. A poorly edited film can affect the flow of the film and make it incomprehensible. Although I have managed to create things such as planets in the sky and turn daylight into dark following a tutorial I would love to be able to do it competently.

ImageTwo editors I am particularly fond of are “Angus Wall” and “Chris Dickens”. Having seen various films from both of them such as “The Social Network. (2012). Directed by David Fincher. Andover, Massachusetts: Columbia Pictures.”And “Slumdog Millionaire. (2008). Directed by Danny Boyle. Agra, Uttar Pradesh: Celador Films.” I decided to find out a little more about them. I soon found out that Angus Wall had worked with David Fincher on five productions, winning Oscars on three of those five. This astounded me, as I didn’t know he edited any of the other films directed by David Fincher. This showed me that if you do well and have a good working relationship with someone working in a different area to you, you could work with him or her on consecutive films and have a better understanding of what one and other want. Which could lead to awards just like David Fincher and Angus Wall have had on their last 2 films together.

ImageThe other film Editor I have huge admiration for is Jon Harris. I have found he has his own unique style and seems to work with Nick Frost and Simon Pegg on a few of his films as well as Edgar Wright as a Director. He has also won an Oscar for Slumdog Millionaire who was directed by Danny Boyle who is a director renowned for having a creative style of filmmaking. I have found that in films such as “Shaun Of The Dead (2004). Directed by Edgar Wright. 37 Abbots Gardens, East Finchley: Universal Pictures”, “Paul (2011). Directed by Greg Mottola. Rio Grande Gorge Bridge, Taos: Universal Pictures” and “Hot Fuzz (2007). Directed by Edgar Wright. Barn Theatre, Welwyn Garden City: Universal Pictures”, Chris Dickens uses a lot of sound effects. When watching each film I found it hard to substantiate the use of sound effects as it fit in with the music and scenes, so I decided to look into this a little further. I then found an interview Written by Oliver Peters for Videography magazine (NewBay Media, LLC), which I found some very interesting points made by Chris Dickens himself.

Chris Dickens on Hot Fuzz – “When you work with sound, you have to think about what works for the picture and how to manipulate the audience’s emotions. I love to intertwine music and sound effects to create a ‘soup’ that is very atmospheric – so you can’t tell the difference between the music and the effects.”

As a whole I believe editing is one of the most important jobs in filmmaking. If you are a good editor then you will be well respected and it will come out in the work that you do. Doing this research task has made me realize that sound is also key when editing a film and can both can make or break one. I am going to continue working hard and trying to improve my editing skills and aspire to one day be as successful as the great editors listed above.


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