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We recently had a 72-hour challenge where we had to create a Twilight scene and interpret it in a different way and try to make it go viral within 72 hours. We received the Twilight baseball scene and had to try and make the film our own incorporating the key concepts into our film. Having done a Film and Television Production Diploma before I put myself forward to do a lot of the production on the film which resulted in me being the Director, Director of Photography, Cameraman and Editor. This was a challenge, as it would mean long hours trying to work to a short deadline.
The lighting in the production was quite simple to start with, as it was all natural lighting. As we were filming outdoors we didn’t need any additional lighting whilst it was dark, however, as it got darker we noticed grain started to appear on the camera and we did not have equipment to stop this from happening.

As we decided to create a comedy we decided to have happy/comic music to start with when introducing the characters at the start of the film. This automatically engages the audience and makes them think it’s a comedy before any dialogue/acting has been shown/heard. We then decided to switch it up in the middle and cut out the music and add some quiet to loud rumbles to engage the viewer when the camerawork goes closer. This meant that it made it feel more intense and switched genres for a short amount of time. We then added a stereotypical British lower class song so it would clash with the upper-class characters. For the rest we decided to only have low rumbles again as it then goes intense and we felt that music would ruin the flow of it for the conflict.

I thought the story and plot stuck closely to the original however we tried to switch it around and create a twist at the end with the stereotype of Pimm’s bringing everyone together. Also the characterization has changed. We thought it would be good idea to play around with Carlisle and Edward abit and give them more of a friend’s relationship rather than an awkward father/son relationship like in twilight.

As far as Mise-en-scene is concerned, I felt that the staging of characters in frame was good. I felt we did a good job of placing the character in the right areas. Especially for the Long shot of Edward and Bella walking towards his father (00:17 seconds) we used Deep space to map out the distances between the two characters and also integrate them into their natural surroundings. I also think the initial close up of Edwards face before he is about to throw the ball and the shot after that of the family is good as we utilized the off-screen space to give the audience a perspective as to where the family were.

In conclusion, I believe that we did a good job at creating a British stereotype and trying to create something that has the potential to go viral as it could have a huge fan base. I believe that what we did was very good given the time scale we were given.


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