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My reflections on The Dog Sitter

Originally we thought of two separate ideas that we could make into short films, the Dog sitter idea and another idea involving a pianist who breaks his hand. After some consideration we decided to make the dog sitter idea. We knew it would be challenging to make but decided to try nevertheless. From the original script the story had changed quite a lot. The original idea was a girl and most of the filming would take place in a train station but that soon changed to a boy and a bus stop. Personally I would have filmed it at a train station and kept with the original idea of it being a girl because I think the audience wouldn’t expect it to happen to a girl as much as a boy. The girl was also quite innocent in the original idea which would have made the audience actually care for the character and care that this has happened too her. I also think filming at a train station would have looked a lot better on-screen and made the film look and feel more cinematic.

As an editor of the short film I did come across a few problems. We had to cut a few scenes and shots out, as the continuity didn’t work. We also had to cut some out as they didn’t add anything extra to the film or story so I felt it would run a lot smoother and keep people more interested in the film if they were not there. I also came across a problem with the sound so we had to use the sound from the camera rather than the sound we recorded.

I thought the product placement shots were very good showing the main character watching Spiderman on television with the beer on the table with a focus pull. I also thought the storyline was good as I personally haven’t seen anything like it before. Overall I enjoyed my role in the production of the film and thought it turned out better than I initially thought and expected.


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