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Twilight Review

Twilight Review

Twilight is classed as one of the biggest films of its time and for good reason. Having now watched Twilight, it is understandable as to what the fuss is all about. Twilight made massive profit margins and has taken the social media and 12-30 year old world by storm. Many people wonder how and why and the truth is, its simple. Twilight merged two definitive genres together and created a film based around everything the majority of people aged 12-30 like. The film consists of something for everyone, whether it being a love story or a blood sucking horror it gives you the best of both worlds. The only downfalls i could find were the emotionless acting, particulaly by Bella (Kristen Stewart), and the “Tacky” editing of the fight sequence and some of the VFX used on the vampires to show them moving quickly. Overall though Twilight has been a revolution in both its style and its genre and is one of the best on screen romances of its decade.

Ross Forshaw.


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